How is the RLC AC load bank applied for inverters testing Nov 25, 2021

RLC AC load bank simulates the resonance, when resonance occurs, inductive current = capacitive current = resistive current; Three-phase voltage imbalance, can also quickly debug each phase resonance point, scientific detection of photovoltaic grid-connected inverter anti-island protection function and work efficiency, power supply performance, is a testing tool for production workshop, laboratory, installation and debugging, scientific research and development. Load bank ACLT grid inverter test device fully meet the grid inverter products in the factory test, type test and the island protection test of test requirements, currently has been widely used in grid inverter production enterprises, scientific research and development of grid inverter, grid inverter test appraisal institutions, colleges and universities electrical laboratorytesting, product acceptance, and regular maintenance.

Application of RLC load in inverter testing:

  1. RLC load bank simulates the resonance of ac electrical equipment to effectively detect the protection function of grid-connected inverter against islanding effect.

  2. RLC load bank simulates various complex working environments to detect the comprehensive working performance of the inverter in various environments. RLC AC load bank/AC discharge dummy load/pv inverter resonant point factory debugging.

  3. RLC load bank is used for product acceptance and daily maintenance testing of grid-connected inverters, scientific testing of power supply capacity of various inverters, and providing testing reports.

  4. RLC load bank detects the working efficiency, large output power and carrying capacity of various inverters under full load.

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